Frank + Myrrh Soy Candle also known as Frankincense + Myrrh. A very precious incense and an enduring scents used for millennia in many religious rituals from the Far East to the West, as well as traditional Chinese medicine. The aroma benefits of this sweet, woody scent can make you relax and get into the holiday spirit during this potentially stressful time of the year. It evokes and represents elegant and expensive gifts that fit for royalty. An earthy scent that has notes of bergamot, amber, frankincense, myrrh, and oud.

- 100% Pure Soy Wax from American grown soy beans
- Phthalate Free and Paraben Free Fine Fragrance Oils
- Lead Free Cotton Wick
- Handmade and Hand Poured with love in Los Angeles
- Eco-friendly, Organic, Vegan, All Natural
- Dye Free, Non-Toxic, No Additives

10 oz Nude Matte Monticiano Glass - approximate 45 - 50 Hours Burn Time
8 oz Tin Can - approximate 35 - 40 Hours Burn Time