My love and obsession with candles dated back even before the start of Anberc Candles. I love candles as it gives personality and nice aura to my place. Some scents remind me of important persons, places I've been, and memories associated with it, as well as it gives me some comfort, and put me in a relax mood.

I had a very dear friend who battled cancer for about 10 years. She had influenced me tremendously and I have such great respect and love for her. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer, she made a bucket list of what she wanted to do before she dies. One of those is to make her own candle. She loves candles as much as I do. She did it and made candles for personal use and gifting for family and friends. One of the most important things she said that I will never forget was that "to do the things that matter to you, pursue your passion/s, follow and chase your dream. Do not wait for a cancer, an illness, or an accident to hit you to do the things you love. Do it now while you're still young and able." My friend finished her battle and got her wings in April 2013.

2016 was a very challenging year for me. I was confused and felt hopeless at times. I was looking for some escape and help until it just crossed my mind to make my own candle as inspired by my dear friend. I bought a simple soy candle kit and tried making my first candle. And oh my!,  I loved it so much and I felt recharged and renewed. My interest in candle making grew so huge, bought more kits, and started learning more about it, and I never stop making candles ever since. At first, I was just making candles for myself and friends. Later on, I was encouraged by great feedback and got an opportunity to be invited on 2 special events to showcase my candles. In April 2018, I decided to pursue my dream, started a business, and Anberc Candles was born. 


Although, Anberc Candles is my side hustle as I still work for another company, I put my whole heart with it.  I am committed to provide high quality, pure and all natural, vegan, eco-friendly, sustainable, clean burning, beautifully scented pure soy candles. I will uphold these commitment with values of honesty, integrity, hard work, and positive mindset. All our candles are handmade with love and hand poured in Los Angeles, California. I love what I do and create candles with you in mind, helping in evoking positive feelings and good memories by lighting Anberc Candles.



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