Our Spring + Summer 2023 collection is inspired by, and a tribute to our Filipino heritage.

Bamboo has a cultural significance to the Philippines. Most of the houses in the farm or countryside were built and made of bamboo during the early times. It is called "Bahay Kubo" or nipa hut and serves as an icon of Philippine culture. Bamboo symbolizes strength, flexibility, and resilience, - characteristics that mostly describe Filipinos. Like a bamboo, it bends but does not break.

Our Fresh Bamboo candle has the aroma of fresh, clean, grassy, earthy smell of bamboo. Together with notes of Lemongrass and Citrus, it evokes a refreshing and invigorating feeling, a spa like experience, and a tropical island adventure.

- 100% Pure Soy Wax from American grown soy beans
- Phthalate Free and Paraben Free Fine Fragrance Oils
- Lead Free Cotton Wick
- Handmade and Hand Poured with love in Los Angeles
- Eco-friendly, Organic, Vegan, All Natural
- Dye Free, Non-Toxic, No Additives

10 oz Matte Nude Monticiano Glass with Wooden Lid - approximate 45 - 50 Hours Burn Time